The soils

The soils… The real richness of our vineyard !

The different soils we cultivate represent the real richness of our vineyard. Indeed, because we work with individual grape varieties in their singularity rather than blending them , every characteristic of our cuvees comes from the terroirs.

We work three types of soil:

  • The Kimmeridgian Marls,

    a clay and chalky soil with many fossilized oysters and ammonites. This is a typical terroir at Pouilly sur Loire, from which the famous cuvee l’Arrêt-Buffatte” and the cuvee “Quercus” originate.

  • The Villiers Limestones

    from which the cuvee « Génetin » and the Pouilly sur Loire originate.

  • The Flints 

    for the Sancerre appellation.